YouTube on my Mobile – Yawn

I think I though this was going to be cool before I could get it, but I have to say it’s not really something I care too much about. I’ve stopped posting my own videos to YouTube (I’m all about Viddler now) and really only check the site when I get a link from someone. The mobile experience is pretty limited – no way to search for a vid, or open a link from an email — let alone keep tabs on your subscriptions.

If you are interested however, set your mobile to Be sure that your Real Player has an AP set – WiFi works best.

BTW – This has actually worked for a while on the N95 in the Video Centre application.

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2 Replies to “YouTube on my Mobile – Yawn”

  1. Maybe we should start a forum thread about creating a mobile version of Viddler – except we’ll make one that everyone likes. 🙂

  2. A mobile version that enabled upload would be all I need – though if there’s any way to view video without Flash 9 that’d be great as well.

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