Destination Brewster, NY: iPhone Launch day!

Not delivering the iphone yet

While we were led to believe otherwise this Brinks Security truck really did deliver the iPhones today.

I arrived at the Brewster, NY AT&T store around noon and found myself number 9 in line. I quickly moved to 8, when one potential customer discovered he was not eligible based on something (I honestly was not paying attention).

The day was painless. People were very friendly and generally just psyched to be there. The crowd was a total cross-section. We had geeks, nerds, jocks Moms, and Dads with kids. There was a good mix of women even, which was surprising, but clearly the iPhone crosses over every personality type.

6 hours later – the doors opened and we went inside to find the AT&T systems completely overrun with traffic. The 5 employes at the store were very friendly and doing what they could but it was just too much traffic at once apparently. After about 45 minutes I was able to leave with my 8GB (one per customer) iPhone in hand!

My iPhone is still sitting in it’s box and wrapped! I’m sitting in an almost dark room while my daughter falls asleep and then I’ll unbox properly! I did get a chance to play with a unit in the store and the hardware feels amazing in your hand. It’s quite solid and surprisingly smaller than anticipated which is great. Much more to follow…

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