Updated iPhone Activation info

In speaking with ATT tonight I learned that my account was not configured correctly and now it is apparently. I still had a MediaMax (Cingular) data plan attached even though I had selected the iPhone data package as well as 1500 text messages. Neither were there. Interestingly that’s actually the same thing as what I already had – but not named iPhone.


The iPhone was removed and then added back manually by the customer service representative who tried several times to get an OTA activation going, but we were greeted by the standard “your activation requires more time.”

Information seems to be flowing in real-time with ATT and Apple… from the conversations I could hear between reps they are getting on-the-fly advice to try things in the system. Nothing seems to be working consistently. The only standard advice seems to be leave the iPhone connected to your system so as Apple batch processes things it will go through.

So … I think it’s actually on Apple’s end. Afterall my SIM works in my Nokia, but my iPhone sees NO bars and cannot complete it’s process.

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