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Nokia Sports Tracker Beta

There’s a pretty cool update from Nokia Beta Labs SportsTracker application which now also includes an online social service. You can make friends, share and download workouts and keep track of your progress all through the site and your phone.

I noticed in my quick scan that there are quite a few additional exercises from the main ones listed on the installed application and you can easily import your gpx file from either your phone or compatible GPS device which makes the SportsTracker Community open to anyone – even if it’s branded Nokia. This looks pretty similar to what Nike has done with their Nike Plus application for iPod, though there’s no playlist connection currently. Seems that would be a pretty easy thing to add given there’s a music player installed on all the phones already.

I’ll have to start tracking my commute walk, which is clearly not a workout, but (ahem is exercise and) will give me a good baseline on how this works initially.

Hat Tip to Eseries

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8 Replies to “Nokia SportsTracker Community”

  1. Thanks for the link!
    I love this service, I am currently using motionbased (a similar service) but that costs me $$/year. I am switching and will stick with Sports Tracker Beta. It’s both better AND free.

  2. thanks for the news. just tested it – seems to work like a charm! it even now has a pedometer that can be activated in the activity profiles 🙂

  3. Great alternative to I tried it out with my Garmin Forerunner 301 and it works very well. The ability to upload geotagged photos and publish live activities open up some interesting usage scenarios…

  4. fantastic service!! integration with OVI (music, share, files etc) and heatbeat feature will be a Dream service for mobile user!!!

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