Apple Ultra Portable to Dock into an iMac like system?!

apple docking system

This is such a cool patent I hope it’s real for Macworld this year. I’ve been reading about Apple’s potential products for MacWorld like most enthusiasts and the notion of an ultra portable (MID or UMPC) would be a very cool release. The market is certainly ready this time around – at least from my accounts of how things are working. A device that gives me full access to my stuff, locally and from the cloud and all in the same elegant Apple OS would be a home run.

While I’m not currently a major traveler I would totally want this type of rig as it truly would offer the best of both worlds. From what I can tell this is probably something in the 5-7inch screen size like the EEEPC, rather than the Nokia Tablet and would not fit in your pocket, but would easily fit in a bag. Macworld starts on January 14th … getting close!

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