Nokia N958GB DNLA Certified

Seeing some chatter on this today …

DLNA has certified the Nokia N95 8GB as a Mobile Digital Media Server, an acknowledgment that taps into the genius of this multimedia computer. The extensive connectivity and cutting-edge media capabilities of the Nokia N95 8GB are ideal for enjoying content, such as music, photos or videos, wirelessly on other devices in the home environment. [Nokia – ShowPressRelease ]

What’s amazing about this is that it’s just happening now. All of the wifi enabled N-Series devices (with the exception of the N91) have been capable of UPnP host streaming. As you may recall I showed this via the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet and the N93 on November 12, 2006. You can see it in action at around 90% of this video…

Thing have advanced in the past year, and there are many more products like set top boxes that support UPnP. The advantage of this of course is wireless streaming / sharing of content from your mobile to a more shared environment like your TV. What would really make this special in my home network anyway would be support for UPnP within Apple’s iTunes / Bonjour protocols so I could stream content from my devices to my TV within the AppleTV environment. People don’t want too many devices connected to the TV …

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