Nokia Press Day … Morning keynote


Captured in realtime with the N810…

OPK started sharing stats on devices and Nokia’s success in music and cameras (100 milliona and 200 million respectively). They have also sold some 35 million GPS devices and are looking to offer a new array of location based devices with the 6210 which a very handy pedestrian mode offered in maps 2.0. Eventually this will be rolled into other devices as well. First ever with pedestrian maps. I have time scheduled with this device on wedesday as a tour of Barcelona. This should be available on beta labs right now.

Share on ovi … A hundred file formats … Looks like twango got a substatial redesign for ovi and desktop mobile web all work or will work together.

N78 announced as the perfect social sharing device … 359 euro coming in q2. Fm transmitter to share music in the car! Geotagging is a big Nokia push and a focus on the N78. Essentially the successor to the N73 but with a mega update! Looks great in black.

The successor to the N95 … N96 focused on the evolutionary usage patterns of the early adopter. N95 with turbo has become n96 supports full flash ie youtube support. 16GB flash hi speed usb … Full movie transferred with 2 min. There’s a kickstand for media consumption which is really nice.

QA … Touch is coming but as a real ourposeful inclusion not just as a gimmick. Touch will also arrive differently across devices based on how it be best applied.

Video services… And carrier relations?

Pictures to come …

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