MWC – Sony Xperia X1

One of the more exciting devices at the Mobile World Congress last week was the Sony Xperia X1. At least until I got a closer look …

The hardware is actually really nice. The demo guy I encountered though was nervous about letting anyone get too close and it seemed the more I watched the less there was to actually see. Form factor seemed like an N95 open and expanded, though the screen was 800×480 so I’m thinking the actual size is a bit wider to accommodate the pixels. As you can see in the following video I was not allowed to get too close for a comparison with the Nokia N810 which I had at the ready.

Pricing was unknown, but I’d be surprised if it was less than $800 and closer to $1000. It has every band for 3G including TMO USA’s 1700 which is nice to see…

From other videos I’ve seen around this product is really only final in hardware. Sony’s UI team still has a long way to go to make this more than the HTC Touch which has a very light shell running on top of Windows Mobile. Sony seems to have included a few tricks here – the panels and a media player which is more like that on the PSP, but otherwise it’s Windows Mobile 6 under the hood…

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