A Great Internet Phone?

Alan Reiter poses quite the challenge to the wireless industry …

As tens of thousands of wireless aficionados (including yours truly) gather in Las Vegas this week to attend the CTIA Wireless 2008 conference and exhibition, there’s one product they won’t see: a great wireless Internet phone.

The best of the best wireless phones must have the ability to exploit the richness of the entire Internet. That means, not just superior Web browsing, multimedia viewing/listening, and text entry, but also superb ergonomics, ease-of-use for novices, and advanced capabilities for power users. [Internet Evolution – Alan Reiter]

I think quite a few people would say that the iPhone, Nokia N95 and perhaps an HTC device or two would come close … The biggest trick seems to be in nailing tghe required balance between ease of use for novices with the advanced capabilities to satisfy the power user. My choice has been the N95 for quite a while, but it’s not something I can just hand to my wife like the iPhone.

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