N82 in hand!

The new hotness

As you can see here, I’ve got the Nokia N82 along with the BH-903 and have to say my early impressions of both pieces are excellent! I was only semi-interested in the original flavor of the N82, but now here in my hand and in black, it’s sweet!

N82 Standby Screen

I’ll be posting more soon but here’s a few points of interest:

  • It’s fast! General system performance feels better than the N95-3.
  • The screen and standard theme are excellent! Out of the box, this is one cool mobile.
  • Camera is really quick. The lag is pretty limited compared to the N95 which has made some “kid captures” pretty easy this weekend.
  • The Search and Share Online features are standard components which makes uploading to Flickr, Ovi and Vox fewer steps based on the way it’s built into Gallery.
  • Image and Video quality are excellent as you might expect.
  • The screen auto-rotates which is quite nice for photos, video and web among many more to be determined uses.

So far, the only bummer I know of is that there’s no NAM edition which means 2100 UMTS (Europe) only for the time being. I don’t have 3G at my house, but HSDPA will be missed when in the city.

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7 Replies to “N82 in hand!”

  1. I have been using it for a little bit, I haven’t had the pleasure of using anything above my 73, but this is a breeze, and I can’t think that it is a sacrifice at all, unless you really want your chunky 95… šŸ˜‰ looking forward to your review… i did a little writeup on my wp

  2. will you make a review and post some more detailed pic of the BT headset? thank you in advance

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