Nokia Maps to integrate with the Web!

Great news about the soon to be released update to Nokia Maps …

As part of the Ovi brand of Internet services, which includes the Nokia Music Store and N-Gage gaming platform, Maps on Ovi will allow users to plan their trips on their desktop or laptop and then synchronize (automatically or manually) it with their smartphones. Conversely, if you’re already out on the road, you can record routes and points of interest on your handset and then upload them to the Ovi service when you return home to share with family and friends. The interface on Web side is similar to what you’d see on your phone for ease of use and a more seamless experience. [Crave]

This is a very compelling feature and something I am very glad to see coming. As I noted a while back, connecting GPS from the web to device is a killer feature. It confirms the need for the device itself to be connected, which of course is the case when it’s a handset. I’m looking forward to getting to try this … plan on the desktop, sync to the mobile. Should be ready this summer!

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