What do Finnish Ears Look Like?

BH-903 default ear buds

I’m not sure about you, but the inside of my ear is not shaped like the earbuds above. They are the default covers for the Nokia BH-903 headset and I imagine they worked for someone in testing before they were shipped. Good thing there are also two sets of standard round covers as well…

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5 Replies to “What do Finnish Ears Look Like?”

  1. wow, finally I have a good point to some ppl inside who insisted that “what is good for Finns – good for rest of world”… 🙂

  2. Hahahaha. Good one.

    BTW, all kidding aside, I have noticed that Finns have a high rate of attached earlobes. I wonder how that affects how they design headsets. Look around and most folks in the US have detached earlobes. Heh.

  3. So you all are saying that the bit of your ear where an in-ear headplug goes is perfectly round? Now THAT would be odd. Unless you squeeze them in really deep…

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