Nokia N78 NAM Available Now!

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I’ve written a fair bit about the N78 recently and wanted to note that the US 3G (NAM) edition is available! I’ve yet to have the pleasure of HSDPA on this device and can only imagine how much better the experience this will bring, The N78 is really an very powerful device in a slim little package.

After using it for a couple of weeks, it has really grown on me. The only thing missing for me is 3G and that’s finally here for my US friends. The N78 runs S60 Feature Pack 2 (S603.2) and offers considerable ease of use enhancements as well as some cool new tricks like Remote Disk Sharing and Home Sync.

The N78 sells for $560 which places it in the upper middle end of the N-Series line, but like all devices it’s completely open – and ready for whatever you might imagine.

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  1. I’m in need of some 3G up here… at least you’re not trying a 3g capable phone in an area without…

    What’re some of the main advantages of the Fp2?

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