Flixwagon gets a big update and opens to all!

Flixwagon has released a big update today! They’ve also opened the service to anyone now from the previously closed beta. You can sign up here.

Notable enhancements:

  • Share on Twitter and YouTube directly from phone: you can share individual videos on twitter and YouTube directly from your device, as well as customize the message or titles. All you need to do is add your Twitter or YouTube account details on Flixwagon.com, and then you can customize posts directly from your phone.
  • Detailed sharing from device: on your device you can now easily choose which specific groups (friends, family, etc.) can access your video. Make sure you set up your contacts, groups, and alerts first on flixwagon.com and you can start sharing flix with them on the fly.
  • Digital Zoom-in and zoom-out.
  • Post messages back to chat. You can send IM messages back to the video chat room, making chats around your video 2-way. This is especially useful when you want to respond to your viewers’ comments without interrupting the video or audio in the broadcast.
  • Change title: you can now change the video title directly from the phone while broadcasting. This is great when the ‘right’ headline comes to you while you broadcast (and can help more viewers discover your broadcast while you’re still broadcasting live).
  • Choose between delay or video quality: in the preferences section you can determine whether your broadcasts will be optimized for the shortest delay, or highest video quality.

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5 Replies to “Flixwagon gets a big update and opens to all!”

  1. Practicalities: “Change title: you can now change the video title directly from the phone while broadcasting.”

    To use the keyboard on most phones requires a ‘portrait’ orientation. Videos are usually shot in ‘landscape’. Aren’t they?

  2. Alan,

    On Flixwagon videos are taken in portrait mode so you can still use the keyboard

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