Mossberg keeps the iPhone 3G hype in check

At some point over the long weekend last week I started to re-think my position on upgrading to the iPhone 3G … I’ve been trying to keep the hype in check, but it’s seriously hard given the rather considerable volume of discussion.

As I checked back in with the world following a flight to San Fran, I see that Walt Mossberg has brought us a very realistic review which reinforces what I already have discussed, but also brings up a few wrinkles. I was justifying considering using the iPhone as a bridge between both my personal and work email and data, but it seems the iPhone forces you to choose one over the other if you decide to use the Exchange sync option. While on your desktop, you can have multiple calendars for various things in Outlook or iCal, the iPhone seems to only support a single calendar and will actually wipe your personal data from the device if you set up Exchange after syncing your personal info. I guess this means you can can’t loop your data from work into MobileMe either… at least via iPhone.

The iPhone is also officially “mortal” with battery life reduced considerably when using 3G which I expect most buyers will be doing vigorously. Running push email, browsing and running GPS will all tax a battery considerably and these are the things people are most excited about.

Looking forward to seeing what applications arrive and how that pushes things across the industry. The simplicity of the interface and strength of the browser have certainly woken a few sleeping giants … Though I’ll be happily enjoying the benefits from my existing iPhone for the time being.

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One Reply to “Mossberg keeps the iPhone 3G hype in check”

  1. I new that this time around was going to be more of the same. Huge line, no service, no inventory, horrible customer service, etc…AT&T couldn’t get it right the first time, what makes you think they would get it right the second time around ? I think if you never had an iPhone maybe go through the trouble, but if you already have one, why go through the headache for another one. Makes no sense. Apple always launches news products with very low inventory to create excitement and demand. I did it once with the mini me, and never again. I can wait, if I really want an Apple Anything.

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