Connected in the Toronto Cloud

I’m in Toronto for a few days this week and have discovered that there’s a great (though not free) wireless cloud here offering very responsive access.

The speed is not far from turbo, but it feels like it’s all mine at the moment which is excellent. What’s nice about the access here though is that Boingo has things covered if you have an account. My account has come in handy during my travels the past few months and I love how easily I can auto-connect as I go. I did have issues today on both the E71 and N810, but my laptop detected and connected without even a hiccup. I think there’s something going on with how the network works here as this is actually the first time I’ve had a problem from a mobile device – knowing there was a visible network.

The coverage in Toronto is something I wish I saw more often. Granted this is not a free network, but the access is easy to see and seems to be covering a solid portion of downtown.

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