Passing through Frankfurt … Heading to Dubai

I am currently sitting in the Lufthansa lounge in Frankfurt on my way to Dubai for business … Had a wonderfully smooth flight to Frankfurt last night – thanks to the Lufthansa 747 and Ambien!

While this is my first time in Germany, I unfortunately won’t get to see much more than the airport. I’ll be in Dubai on business for a few days and looking forward to my first experience in the Middle East!

Curiously I was pre-selected for security (SSS) on the way out of JFK last night. I’m wondering just how random that might have been given my last minute ticket purchase combined with my recent search history in Google. I even used Google Saudi Arabia recently … I’m not saying they’re watching me or anything, but the guy at the Lufthansa gate mentioned my name popped up in homeland security …

My cell is dead for the moment. I’m waiting for my company to tell TMO to activate international. Have to see what kind of connection I get at the hotel once in Dubai for VOIP calls home. I’m sure that will be fine, but it’s a tad disconcerting to be in a place without phone service – at least Boingo is here keeping me connected along the way.

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4 Replies to “Passing through Frankfurt … Heading to Dubai”

  1. Enjoy your trip… Sorry you can't actually see much, maybe someone will take you out…
    Take care and keep us posted!

  2. After 20 years of getting up every hour and a 1/2 to urinate, I am now able to sleep for 6 hours without waking. This has changed my Life.

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