Quick DEMO Report – Monday Highlight

plastic logic ereader

The morning has been great so far with quite a few companies strutting their stuff on stage. Every company has done a great job so and there’s a great deal of interesting material here, but the clear winner for most exciting technology is the Plastic Logic eReader. As you can see in this shot it’s seriously thin!!

plastic logic ereader

The product itself is not scheduled to arrive until Q2 2009 unfortunately, but that gives me some time to enjoy my Kindle which also uses the same e-ink tech. Plastic Logics’s real advantage though is that they are using plastic instead of glass so things are thinner and lighter. When the product arrives it will potentially (they would not confirm) both wired and wireless networking options in addition to a USB connection for transferring content over. The focus is on business documents over consumer things like books and the size is similar to a pad of paper. The key detail missing in the puzzle is where the real (not your own docs) will come from. They are showing magazines and newspapers (which look great on the big display) but in today’s market there’s no way to actually get those publications. I hope that the open standard (not sure what that is just yet) is adopted so we can be sure to have plenty to read.

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