What’s coming from Nokia this week?

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Tomorrow will reveal a new device from Nokia and there’s certainly a great deal of speculation from the bloggers here on what we’ll see. I’m really looking forward to getting some hands-on time with our “something new” though I think beyond the hardware I am hoping we will also be able to get a much more clear view into how Nokia’s Services will work.

Nokia announced Ovi at Nokia World last year and has done quite a bit to kick start the brand though many would also argue they’ve yet to do enough. To date, the services have largely existed as individual components rather than an integrated solution and that’s what I’m hoping will really change.

Hardware is a key component to how things work while mobile, but an integrated service solution is what will actually drive both usage and adoption … not too mention selling more hardware.

Assuming we see a high end device (what we are all hoping for here) it will likely be one of many things to come in 2009. Scoble feels we are looking at make or break time for Nokia which is a bold statement and something I totally disagree with. As Michael Gartenberg states, “Nokia’s future hinges on more than just one device.” I believe Nokia has around 50 devices for sale in various markets and offers something from the very low end entry to the ultimate high end. There’s no doubt that the iPhone single SKU (2 with drive size) strategy is simpler, but the iPhone is not the device for everyone or every market.  Mindshare (and the growing market share) are something to keep watching … when you are the global market leader, there’s typically only one way to go …

I’ll post as much as possible over the next few days with live updates, tweets and multimedia … stay tuned!

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