Average person will soon have two mobile phones

In my regular commute on the train it’s not uncommon to see people with two phones – and like the cited UK survey notes one is the typical work Blackberry. The other varies from a freebie looking flip to an iPhone.

The average mobile phone owner now has an average of 1.8 handsets and the figure is expected to rise to two mobiles for every person soon.

The rise in ownership is thought to be because more people have one mobile for personal calls and another for work as companies give employees Blackberry devices to keep in touch out of hours. [via Telegraph]

Initially my (non-standard) usage was one for personal and the other as a work-issue, though over the past couple of years that’s evolved to be two personal devices. I do use a work-issued SIM so they pay the airtime as well as my international roaming and data – I’m traveling for work after all.

Interestingly now I ‘m at the point where I’m considering a second plan for my personal consumption … only be for data though my third independently connected device.

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