Cablevision drops Scripps Networks

We just noticed that both Food Network and HGTV were showing blanks on the cable guide and it seems just like TWC and Fox, that Cablevision and Scripps are not able to reach an agreement on the value of the station. My wife loves HGTV and we do also watch a bit of Food Network (Diners, Drive throughs and Dives anyone?). Even though we don’t spend hours a day watching TV, it’s really annoying to see channels just vaporize. Scripps has set up pages for both Food and HGTV to provide info and make sure you can take the appropriate action to try and get the stations back.

Cablevision usually does the right thing and provides excellent service (in general). It would be good to see things sorted out …

UPDATE This is now resolved and the channels are back!

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  1. You know it's a one way deal right? Once the fiber goes in, you lose the copper.

    Interested in your experience with both the install and the package … I've debated the triple play … if it was actually available at our home. Seems like you pay considerably more for the data package.

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