Road-legal Tron Light-cycles for sale

Who’s ready to race?

Begin forwarded message:

> > > Custom bike builders Parkers Brothers Choppers are selling five, full size,
> working Tron Light cycles with a starting price of $35,000 each.
> > > The bikes are yet to be built but Parkers claim they’ll feature hubless
> wheels, carbon-fibre bodywork and neon lighting behind plexiglass panels.
> > Parkers are planning a run of five bikes, each one a different colour. A
> $5000 deposit will start the build, progress will be broadcast on You Tube.
> > The bikes are being sold through US E-bay and Parkers claim only five will
> ever be built. Build time is expected to be between six and eight weeks,
> just in time for the USA launch of the new Hollywood film Tron Legacy.
> > Parker Brothers Choppers (321) 960-0756
> 1243 N. Harbour City Blvd.,Melbourne FL 32935


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  1. I have to use this linked site to log in to the Grid Tron World. God Speed! <3

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