How to make sure no one replies via barcode

I’ve been seeing this ad for FinnAir on MetroNorth a bit and every time I am struck by how poor this is … Barcode response has only started to gain traction and unlike some of the work that is happening with ScanLife, FinnAir chose to leave this code generic and up to the viewer to decided how to respond. Download the app of your choice and then come back to this … Guessing response is quite low. Almost by design…

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  1. Hi there, I was wondering, would you quickly explain what a barcode response is? I don’t own a smart phone and I really do not have a clue.. I am interested to know what it is though.. I could look it up, I know, I like it when people explain things though, I am a little bit simple some times..

    : )

  2. You need an app on your phone to take a picture and use a barcode. Quite a few advertisers are starting to use the codes as a method for response ….

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