1. So far, the biggest issue (if you want to call it that) on the Android side that I’m having concerns the hardware accessories. For whatever the reason (I suspect more laze on the part of the developers), it’s nigh impossible to get a good set of “gadgets” that work well with Android, particularly those based around BT4 – like Node, Cuckoo, and others. Quite frustrating, but at this point the benefits of Android easily outweigh the hardware extensibility of iOS.

  2. My main outstanding issue is that you can’t copy and paste rich content through the clipboard. When I copy or share through email I lose images.

  3. Hugh

    I am sure you said something about Nokia a while back! :-)

    Seriously though, after spending some quality time with a Nexus 7 (at the expense of my iPad) and being generally impressed by the quality of the hardware AND the innovative nature of some OS features, Android has been ditched in favour of an iPad Mini running iOS because:

    * BBC iPlayer just works.
    * Apps just work (and are of a higher quality)
    * iCloud syncing to iPhone and desktop works
    * I get to use Notes! (the one bain of any phone OS is the lack of a good consistent and synchronisable Notes app – that’s why I loved Windows Mobile.
    * The app store is *not* full of crap.
    * I know that users will be encouraged to use the latest iOS and not be locked into a cul-de-sac of some 3 year old release and so developers will make a better job of making things work.

    Yes I hate the Apple Tax. Yes I want to see more innovation but having dipped my toe, the world is not quite ready….

  4. Hugh – I hear you.

    For notes I use Evernote. Syncs everywhere. iCloud sync is IMHO inferior to Google Sync and I can move full sets of data around very easily and gain access via browser as needed as well. Apple’s services infrastructure is still early …

    App store argument is relative. What do you need? Games are better (there are more) on iOS, but all my productivity needs are met easily on Android.

    Also – I’ve got a Nexus 7 and it’s quite nice, but compared to the Note and other newer devices it’s actually slow. When you’ve got a turbo-charged system flying through things it makes a substantial difference. I like the 7 for lighter reading … but the Note has become my goto. I’m hoping to get an even newer one as this is a pseudo-loaner from the office.

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