Microsoft looks ahead at how we’ll live, work and play

While I doubt I’ll be using Windows 8 or Surface, I like how most of these interactions seem natural and not very far off either …

via SlashGear

2 Replies to “Microsoft looks ahead at how we’ll live, work and play”

  1. Jets the biggest issue that I see with that video, no one of shown do one more work than pushing pixels. For example, it didn’t show anyone actually drawing that mechanical arm. The kids didn’t draw or create the story, they just used clip art.

    The future had to be created, this is one where it was created for you, and you lived according to the vision of a project manager. Much more can and should be done in these kinds of videos.

  2. I agree … though they kept it simple likely for narrative purposes. the interactions between screens and through the home are what really interest me. I don’t need to know how they got that content for it to be interesting.

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