3 (more) things to love about the @pebble

  1. I love having my phone on permanent silent.
  2. I love being able to quickly glance down to see what’s happening when I get a buzz on my wrist and getting just enough info to know whether I should take action or not.
  3. I love giving more attention back to the people I’m with rather feeling compelled to the phone.

3 Replies to “3 (more) things to love about the @pebble”

  1. Years ago I had the chance to review one of the Sony Ericsson Bluetooth Watches that they designed in partnership with Fossil, and it was awesome, for the exact reasons you mention above.

    It was tough to get others to understand, but the freedom that comes from getting *just enough* data to help me stop wondering what that most recent vibrate was for, it’s incredible.

    Thinking I may try to get ahold of a Pebble now…

  2. seriously love it … very excited about what’s next too. Saw a good bit of Glass at sxsw and believe that concept takes this even further.

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