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The Internet Owes Its Sense of Humor to This Man: There are many forms of fuck at Bob Odenkirk’s disposal: the anguished, slow-motion version he emits while watching bad comedy (“It’s just a fffuckin’ mess!”), the whispered yet still damnably loud variant he uses when remembering one of his own terrible sketches (“The first draft of – by Brian Raftery –

The untold history of Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Latte: The pumpkin spice latte, Starbucks’ most iconic and popular seasonal drink, almost didn’t happen. – by Christopher Mims –;

Jeff Bezos’s League of Shadows
Amazon can be a uniquely challenging place to work, with its question-mark emergencies and the occasionally volcanic outburst from the visionary chief executive. It’s a place where promotions are hard-fought and sometimes painfully public. But there is also a job at Amazon (AMZN)that is highly coveted throughout the company and that nearly anyone in business would kill for.;

Google AI Team Lets You Build Quantum Computing Traps in Minecraft
You hack your way through vines into the ziggurat and then follow dark passageways until arriving in a stone-block room. There’s a sign on the wall. “Look up!” it reads. “Totally not a trap.” You look up and then plunge into blackness.
This isn’t just a trap. It’s a quantum trap. Brought to you by Google.

Android Co-Founder Rich Miner on How He Is Spending Google’s Money
Rich Miner set out a year ago to make sure that Google Ventures had its hand in more mobile deals.  And it’s fair to say that is happening. Among its recent mobile deals, Google’s venture arm has invested in Appurify, Apportable, Cluster, MessageMe, Osito, Sold and Uber. In that last one, Google Ventures wrote a check for $258 million.

Underwater wi-fi given test run to create ‘deep-sea internet’: Researchers have tested an “underwater wi-fi” network in a lake in an attempt to make a “deep-sea internet”. The team, from the University of Buffalo, New York, said the technology could help detect tsunamis, offering more reliable warning systems. –

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