Monday’s Recommended Reads

Some recent saved favorites from Pocket:

To Catch Up, Walmart Moves to Amazon Turf: SAN BRUNO, Calif. — A plucky Silicon Valley company, forced to compete for talented engineers, is trying it all — recruiting billboards on Highway 101; workplace perks like treadmill workstations and foosball tables; and conference rooms named after celebrities like Rihanna and Justin Bieber. – by STEPHANIE CLIFFORD, CLAIRE CAIN MILLER –

The story as gateway to knowledge (and revenue): In digital journalism, the article is no longer an end in itself. Quite the contrary, it’s an entry point to the depths and riches of the web, and a significant contributor to the revenue stream. – by Frédéric Filloux –

Connected TV points the way forward for the internet of things — Tech News and Analysis: Everyone from industrial giants to bootstrapped companies on Kickstarter are talking about the promise of the internet of things to improve our lives. In fact, Cisco recently pegged the potential value of the market at $14.4 trillion. – by Mike Harris – Tags: Boxee,internet of things,Mike Harris,Netflix,Pandora,TV,YouTube,Zonoff –

Silicon Valley Makes Its Next Stop the Kitchen: SAN FRANCISCO — Megan Miller knows that cockroaches are packed with protein and she says they can be made into a surprisingly tasty treat. – by NICK BILTON –

Why Android First is a Myth: In mobile, particularly in consumer markets, there has been an ongoing debate about when or if Android will become the first platform that sophisticated startups develop for. –

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