Friday’s Recommended Reads

Some recent saved favorites from Pocket:

Anticipatory Commerce: the Evolution of Intent on the Web: Intent to purchase is the engine of the consumer web. Creating and capturing intent motivates almost every dollar invested into ecommerce and advertising. Intent is also the fuel for the Internet’s most successful business model, Google’s AdWords + Search. –

Comcast Plans to Offer the Closest Thing to an HBO Go Subscription: The entire Internet would very much appreciate it if HBO offered an HBO Go subscription without the need to have cable. We want to pay for HBO Go like we pay for Netflix. But that hasn’t happened… yet. But people are trying! Even cable companies. – by Casey Chan –

iPads, price and self-selection — Benedict Evans: Apple’s iPad event was pretty unsurprising. It was obvious that the large one would be speed-bumped and get lighter. – by Benedict Evans –

A Brief History of Dude: Contemplate this, dude: that when I call you dude, there’s a whole range of things I might mean—you’ll understand me from my intonation and the overall context—but each time, I’m also reinforcing a specific kind of social relationship. – by J.J. Gould – Tags: The Atlantic, The Atlantic Magazine,, Atlantic, news, opinion, breaking news, analysis, commentary, business, politics, culture, international, science, technology, national and life –

Do profits matter? The curious case of, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) recently announced that it is raising the minimum purchase amount from $25 to $35 to qualify for free shipping. – by Ricardo Bilton –

This Man Can Tell You If A Kickstarter Campaign Will Succeed After Just 4 Hours: “Miracolo,” a new musical, has an 86% chance of reaching its Kickstarter fundraising goal. “Grandma Sally Zombie Killer,” a movie idea looking for $80,000 on the same site, has only a 1% chance. That’s not me saying so–I quite like zombie flicks. –

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