Monday’s Recommended Reads

Some recent saved favorites from Pocket:

How Googley is Nexus 5 Exactly?: This isn’t a review of the Nexux 5. Rather, it’s a review of Google’s new strategy of integration as displayed in the KitKat-running Nexus 5. You’ll – by Mike Elgan – Tags: Cult of Android, android, nexus, samsung, etc –

Earth’s Giant Ear Marks 50 Years of Listening for Signals From the Cosmos: The Arecibo Observatory’s radio telescope is the largest single dish in the world. Here, the platform above the dish is illuminated by the afternoon light. (Nadia Drake/WIRED) An early artist’s conception of the telescope. The shape of the dish is the same, but the tower system changed. – by Nadia Drake –

The Billion Dollar Valuation Club: Aileen Lee has a really good post up on TechCrunch, in which she analyzes the number of companies that have been started since 2003 that have gone on to be worth $1bn or more. –

Disney and Dish Wrangle Not Over Broadcast Fees, but the Future of TV: What is taking so long? Not any disagreement about the billions of dollars that Dish will pay Disney for its programming over the life of the next contract. The two sides agreed about the money a while ago. – by BRIAN STELTER –

Man, 80, fights bear, falls off cliff – and survives: An octogenarian versus a hungry Russian bear. It was a confrontation that could have ended only one way, and yet shepherd Yusuf Alchagirov was sitting upright in bed this week and happily munching on the three traditional pies his family had baked in celebration at his survival. – Tags: Russia,Animals,Europe,World news,World news –

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