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Samsung’s Analyst Day: Custom ARM core, 560 PPI displays in 2014, and 4K phones in 2015: If it isn’t on Android Beat, it isn’t important Android news. Samsung just finished hosting their second ever analyst event in South Korea. – by Stefan Constantinescu –

Bigger than Google Fiber: LA plans citywide gigabit for homes and businesses: Los Angeles is about to unleash one of the most ambitious city-led broadband projects to date, with the goal of bringing fiber to all of its 3.5 million residents and all businesses. – by Jon Brodkin –

Apple Patents Home Automation Technology That Adjusts Settings Based On Device Location: Apple has just been granted a new patent (via AppleInsider) which describes a very comprehensive system for controlling connected home devices. – by Darrell Etherington –

Silicon Valley Has an Arrogance Problem: At a startup conference in the San Francisco Bay area last month, a brash and brilliant young entrepreneur named Balaji Srinivasan took the stage to lay out a case for Silicon Valley’s independence. According to Mr. – by Farhad Manjoo –

6 things wrong with the ‘Lean Startup’ model (and what to do about it): No offense to Eric Ries, who’s coined some very corporate Bingo-worthy phrases now enmeshed in Silicon Valley culture (such as pivot, minimally viable product, and continuous innovation), but there are a whole lot of things I think are wrong — dead wrong — with the entire concept. – by editor’s pick –

Tizen is Alive and Starts Kicking!: Timing and marketing are planned in weeks where as other products take months, or years to develop. – by JohnPeter Elverding –

AOL Smacks Startup for Using CrunchBase Content It Gave Away: Can you release content under a free Creative Commons license, then change your mind and take that material back? – by David Kravets –

HOW TO Brine a Bird: Last updated: October 3, 2013 To print these Terms of Use, click here To email these Terms of Use, click here PLEASE READ THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS CONTAINED IN THESE “TERMS OF USE” CAREFULLY BEFORE YOU USE THIS WEBSITE, AS THEY AFFECT YOUR LEGAL RIGHTS AND OBLIGATIONS. –

By 4 to 1, Early Adopters Pick Wearable Watches Over Glasses: One of the most important questions about the future of computing is this: wrist or face? Google has been trumpeting its Glass devices, which can take photos and run applications like Facebook and Twitter on a small screen within eyesight. – by enewcomer –

@gordonbowman’s blog : Why Facebook Losing Teens Isn’t A Big Deal: There was a lot of noise this week about Facebook’s Q3 earnings release. First they had a beat on EPS by a wide margin. Then they also announced that mobile advertising revenue is now 49% of overall advertising revenue. – Tags: fb,earnings,$FB,mobile apps,user acquisition –

The Nexus 5 isn’t pure Android, it’s pure Google: In this, the fifth year of Android’s existence, we also have seen the release of the fifth Nexus phone — appropriately enough called the Nexus 5. Meanwhile, it’s been two years since we saw the release of Android 4. – by Dieter Bohn –

Consolidate this: Quantified self edition: My friend, Kevin Kelly, coined the term quantified self in October of 2007 with this blog post. In the in six years since, the fruits of such self quantification can now be found on the TV, the radio, and all over the internet. – by Nova Spivack – Tags: Bottlenose,internet of things,Memoto,narrative,Nova Spivack,quantified-self,Saga –

South Korea is stuck with Internet Explorer for online shopping because of security law: SEOUL — South Korea is renowned for its digital innovation, with coast-to-coast broadband and a 4G LTE network that reaches into Seoul’s subway system. But this tech-savvy country is stuck in a time warp in one way: its slavish dependence on Internet Explorer. – by Chico Harlan – Tags: south korea,south korea internet,south korea technology,internet explorer,chrome,google,microsoft,south korea 4g –

What’s Your ‘Fitness Age’?: This article appears in the Nov. 3, 2013 issue of The New York Times Magazine. Trying to quantify your aerobic fitness is a daunting task. It usually requires access to an exercise-physiology lab. – by GRETCHEN REYNOLDS –

Twitter Is Weird—and Other Things Fatherhood Taught Me: It was about 11 am on August 29 when, as always happens in the movies but rarely happens in real life, my wife’s water broke, and she went into labor.  Then it was today, November 1, and I returned to work. – by Alexis C. Madrigal – Tags: The Atlantic, The Atlantic Magazine,, Atlantic, news, opinion, breaking news, analysis, commentary, business, politics, culture, international, science, technology, national and life –

To live and die in public: That’s Twitter: My affair with Twitter, the idea, began over seven years ago. It was at a party, a few blocks from where I live and work — San Francisco’s South of Market neighborhood. I was hanging outside, sucking on a stogie, and chatting with Twitter’s forgotten co-creator, Noah Glass. – by Om Malik – Tags: Ali Rowghani,Biz Stone,Derek Jeter,Dick Costolo,Emily Chang,Evan Williams,Hank Moody,Jack Dorsey,Larry Page,Mark Zuckerberg,Max Levchin,Nick Bilton,Noah Glass,Om Says,Sergey Brin –

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