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Backed With $3.5M From Social+Capital, Athos Is Creating Connected Workout Clothing That Tracks Your Muscle Output And More: University of Waterloo college students Dhananja Jayalath and Christopher Wiebe were frustrated by their workouts in the gym. They felt like there was no way to know whether they were actually working the right muscles when lifting weights. – by Leena Rao –

What Color Is The Universe? – Tags: –

How Google Earth is busting Persian Gulf nations for overfishing: Weapons-grade uranium isn’t the only thing Iran may be hiding. The country does not report its fishing catch to the United Nations, which is problematic given that the Persian Gulf, like other areas of the world, suffers from overfishing. – by Todd Woody –

Smaller Than Your Phone, This Device Could Keep You Healthy: Isabel Hoffmann’s daughter fell sick after the family moved to the U.S. from Europe. The 14-year-old’s illness got progressively worse — hives, low blood pressure, tremors and light sensitivity — to the point that she had to drop out of school. – by Lauren Drell –

Lithium-Ion Batteries, Straight from a 3-D Printer: By making the basic building blocks of batteries out of ink, Harvard materials scientist Jennifer Lewis is laying the groundwork for lithium-ion batteries and other high-performing electronics that can be produced with 3-D printers. – by Mike Orcutt –

PayPal adds support for prepaid gift cards, thanks to patent-pending ‘pay anytime anywhere with any card’ system: PayPal today announced it has added support for prepaid gift cards, letting its users apply them to the purchase of products and services anywhere PayPal Checkout is available. – by Emil Protalinski –

Data Occupations: Quantified Self is a passionate political “movement” without concrete demands. That should sound familiar  On a July evening at the Microsoft New England Research & Design building in Cambridge, Mass. – by Whitney Erin Boesel –

Target (Yes, That Target) Wants To Launch An Accelerator In India: Target has long looked to India to fuel its software applications and back-office projects. Now, the Minneapolis-based retailer is doubling down on the country’s tech potential. – by Pankaj Mishra –

Given Room to Grow, Range Rover Blossoms: TATA, THE INDIAN industrial conglomerate, bought Jaguar and Land Rover (JLR) from Ford in 2008. Since then, both brands have soared: record sales, new global markets and a string of beguiling and glamorous products. – by Dan Neil –

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