Monday’s Recommended Reads

Some recent saved favorites from Pocket:

When Algorithms Grow Accustomed to Your Face: People often reveal their private emotions in tiny, fleeting facial expressions, visible only to a best friend — or to a skilled poker player. – by ANNE EISENBERG –

Why Comcast and other cable ISPs aren’t selling you gigabit Internet: Gigabit-class broadband is capturing the imagination of Internet users throughout the country. With Google and other companies bringing fiber-based services that deliver a gigabit of data each second to the home, communities are accelerating their push to get the highest speeds. – by Jon Brodkin –

Does Your Dog Love You Back?: Tales of hearts given and not returned are as old as time itself, and but tales of non-reciprocal interspecies love are perhaps less common. The unrequited love between Bella and Jacob aside, there exists a sizable group of non-fictional people who find love with non-human animals: dog owners. – by Jason G. Goldman – Tags: human-animal relationship, Mind & Brain,More Science, Scientific American Blog Network –

Amazon drones won’t replace the mailman or FedEx woman any time soon: Amazon’s new “delivery system,” Amazon Prime Air, promises to get packages to customers “in 30 minutes or less using unmanned aerial vehicles,” and could be in commercial use soon as 2015, the company said Dec. 1. – by Heather Timmons –

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