why smartphones rock

why smartphones rock
so at the moment I am sitting on a bench in SoHo while my daughter sleeps in her stroller. I’ve got tunes streaming in from groove salad via shoutcast in pockettunes and thought it would be pretty slick to blog this. I fired up Blazer, did a quick Google for hBlogger, downloaded and uncompressed the zip, and voila!

Music jamming… just have to find a slightly better moblog client that supports titles and categories.

almost forgot… my email (Chatter – love it!) is also running nicely behind the scenes. gotta love the Treo on EDGE.

(hblogger turned out not to work, so instead I snapped a quick pic and shot it through Flickr)

UPDATE Apparently hBlogger did work though as I suspected not with titles. I had no idea it was posting since it was giving me an error each time I tried. I think Flickr posted twice since it received the image twice… have to sort that bit out. If nothing else Flickr is the easiest way to post on the go… won’t make sense without an image, but it’s painless to add one via the Treo’s camera.

Cingular Treo 650 available today

You can head to the Newark airport if you absolutely have to have the Treo 650 GSM today. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait until it ships in a few weeks…

Blue screen of death

from ditherati


“Do you think if you’re hunkered down and someone’s shooting at you in your car, you’re going to be able to sit there and look for Control or Alt or Function?”

San Jose police sergeant Don DeMers, on the Silicon Valley city’s needlessly complex police-car computers, The New York Times, 11 November 2004

Heading out

about to take on on my first Song flight…

seems pretty good here from 24C. I’ve got Sat TV from Dish, PPV movies (I’ll pass on Cinderella Story), some tunes and music trivia in addition to my iPod, magazines and book to keep my always-on life occupied for the next few hours…


Sick iPod…

on a train listening to Woz at Gnomedex and my iPod just stops. Now all I get is a reset loop followed by a folder witha caution sign in the lower left corner.

Is it dead or just in need of some disc utils?

At the Treo Road Show

just waiting to get the event started… looks (expectedly) like the focus is on corporate messaging solutons… I’ll post if anything good happens, otherwise will do a wrapup at the conclusion

Last row

my middle seat got cleared to an isle on the way out… hopefully the last ros action I’ve got now will move as well. It’s looking pretty full right now though…

Home again

The longest day I’ve had in a very long time and probably the most ridiculous travel ever is finally ending.

While waiting to get picked up upon landing, I happened upon the crew from the flight and I had to ask about the weight issue from earlier.

Apparently there is no way to tell the weight of the plane until the bag count gets radioed in…in our case it was too late since we had pushed off and taxied almost to the runway. Our fuel delay was a result of everyone basically packing it in for the night thinking we had left…you lose some then you lose some more.


Better and better

so due to just hanging about the runway withe engine running — getting all 3 passengers off to deal with our weight issues — we need to refuel in order to actually leave now. unreal…

Wrote too quickly

still sitting on the plane… as we were getting ready to taxi the pilot announced we were too heavy and had to head back to the gate!! unreal I know – as if they can’t check that before we push off.

we are currently waiting for traffic to clear in order to get back to gate…coming on 15 min of just sitting in the midst of the runways.

hope we actually make it out tonight…

What would you do?

I just watched a (seemingly) homeless guy steal about 5 pounds of coffee from Starbucks. It was casually done and did not appear to be the guy’s first time. Perhaps the store even knows? They restocked the missing inventory within a few minutes…

I did not say anything… just observered quietly. I definitely have mixed feelings about the whole thing.

Asteroids Blazer

asteroids blazer

Again… lowres phonecam will probably kill this shot, but this guy is wearing a blazer with Asteroids printed all over it. Dig the Atari retro…

Nuthin’ but News

nuthin' but news

It might be hard to tell but this guy’s car is filled entirely with newspaper! He is leaning on the car reading the Post standing in front of the driver’s seat — the ONLY area not covered by newspaper!

Bluetooth helps the disabled

As a tech enthusiast, I am often focused on adopting things for pleasure… Today though I awoke to a new view. I just passed a women in a wheel-chair wearing a motorola bluetooth headset and instantly got it. For her it was much more than a toy or convenience…it made the phone actually usable.

I think it will be interesting when the tech is easy enough to market based on benefit, rather than simply cool factor.

Business at Kinkos sucks

It’s taken over an hour to unsuccessfully send and receive a few faxes at an absulutely silly premium per page! My mission is far from over… have to try Mailboxes later on. Argh