It’s all in the headline…

Two different emails arrived this afternoon about the same event…

From the WSJ:

TECH ALERT: Amazon’s Net Sinks on Tax Charge

and from CBS Marketwatch:

Bulletin: Amazon revenue of $1.9 bln tops analysts’ forecast

Not exactly taking the same perspective are they?

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Yahoo! News Beta

Yahoo! News unveiled their new beta and I really like it quite a bit. You can easily see the topics and from within a topic the main subtopics available. There’s heavy RSS and My Yahoo integration and you can do quite a bit of customization on the whole thing – even adding your own sources.

There’s a tour if you’d like to learn more…

The more Yahoo and Google compete, the better for all of us.

The Business of Propoganda

I just read a pretty fascinating NYT Cover Story on how our current administration is utilizing video news releases and and fairly extensive distribution network to assist networks and local affiliates, not too mention the American public in understanding current events. It’s actually pretty sickening and makes me think we live in a socialist country where news is fully controlled. In this case though it seems many stations are not even aware (so they say) of the source and if they are, they simply cut it out or re-edit so it looks like they did the work.

It’s hard to fault the government for wanting to get their message out… though the method is highly suspect. At least there’s a whole generation of people not getting their primary news from TV…

The NY Times (new) RSS Feeds

Now I know when the links in my aggregator were not working today… have to update the old and add the new

The NY Times is now providing its own RSS feeds, with several new categories including media and advertising, most-emailed, real estate, theater, Times on the Trail, multimedia, theater, Circuits, Week in Review and the Sunday magazine section. Unfortunately the education, dining and wine feeds and perhaps others are gone. The continuing feeds redirect, so most aggregators should adust automatically. [Scripting News]

Blog Only News Diet

This should be very interesting to watch and track differences in what you (well Steve anyway) know, and with what context…

Next week, as an experiment, I am going on a “news diet.” This information junkie is going to attempt to go cold turkey on most news produced by the pros for seven consecutive days beginning Sunday, May 30. I will not pick up a newspaper, magazine, watch TV news, or visit a news Web site. The only way I will stay up to date on what’s going is by reading what’s posted on other Weblogs. I will also not click any blog links to journalist-written stories or browse non-blog RSS feeds. [Micro Persuasion]

Feed Me

The WSJ finally covers RSS… makes it seem like something it’s readers would want ( 😉 ) .. but leaves you wondering where the heck their feeds are!!

With RSS, you don’t have to go out and find information on the Web. It finds you. []

Bill Gates fined $800,000

Just caught this one via Google News…

I’m sure he’s not happy, but there are few people who could even sustain a hit like this without it having any impact on their personal wealth.

The world’s richest man is out $800,000 (U.S.) for violating federal rules by making a large investment in a pharmaceutical company.

Bill Gates, the billionaire chairman of Microsoft Corp., agreed to the civil penalty for the violation arising from his 2002 acquisition of more than $50-million in Icos Corp. securities. [The Globe and Mail]


This is a very cool way to view things…

Newsmap is an application that visually reflects the constantly changing landscape of the Google News news aggregator. A treemap visualization algorithm helps display the enormous amount of information gathered by the aggregator. Treemaps are traditionally space-constrained visualizations of information. Newsmap’s objective takes that goal a step further and provides a tool to divide information into quickly recognizable bands which, when presented together, reveal underlying patterns in news reporting across cultures and within news segments in constant change around the globe. [newsmap]

Cingular wins the bid for AT&T!

Right after sitting down with my NYT and seeing that Vodaphone is the leading contender, I get an email which says that Cingular is the winner…

Cingular raised its informal offer for AT&T Wireless (AWE: news, chart, profile) by as much as 36 percent as it battled Britain’s Vodafone Group (VOD: news, chart, profile) through the weekend.

The deal, which Cingular expects to close this year pending shareholder and regulator approvals, will shrink the number of competitors in the U.S. mobile market to five from six.

Cingular will become the leading operator with 46 million customers and coverage in 97 of the top 100 markets. It expects to generate savings of more than $1 billion in operating and capital spending in 2006.

Still the price tag, a 27 premium for AT&T Wireless shares as of Friday’s close, drew gasps in London. On Friday, analysts and observers had been predicting bids around $12 a share, up from Cingular’s first indicative bid at $11 – a move that set off the auction.

“At $15 dollars a share, it shows you just how excited the bidding got,” said Morten Singleton, an industry analyst at Williams de Broe in London.

VOD shares surged 6 percent in London. AT&T Wireless surged $2.08 to $13.90. SBC was down 55 cents at $24.50 in light pre-open trade. BLS shares were not yet active, dealers said.

The deal values AT&TW at 9.9 times its underlying earnings in 2005, which is currently higher than what the market has valued each of AT&TW’s European peers.

Vodafone, the largest in Europe, is valued around 5 times underlying earnings, Christian Maher, analyst at Investec Securities in London said. [CBS Marketwatch]

Sizing Up the Rumored Windows Code Leak

The leak is apparently real

This afternoon, news sites are abuzz with rumors that some or all the source code for Windows NT and 2000 leaked out onto the Internet.

I find it hard to believe that source code would leak. After all, companies put source code under lock and key, typically with no outside access available. Microsoft apparently is treating the leak as a rumor based on someone having seen unidentified code suspected to be Windows.

That said, any leak–whether minor or substantial–would be devastating for Microsoft. [Microsoft Monitor]

Car Chase!

We just saw an amazing car chase on the news…

The story broke through live and we watched the chase for about 15 minutes (the whole chase was about 25 minutes). The driver who turned out to be an older looking man, was wanted for aggravated assault and decided to run. The guy ran all through Jersey City and finally ended up in Bayonne. The news is estimating that he ran for about 30-40 miles…

If you’ve seen Cops or America’s Scariest Car Chases (you know you love it) it was just like that, only live! This guy blew through traffic — constantly challenging people coming in the opposite direction, pedestrians (unfortunately hitting at least one person), yards and the police over and over and over. We watched him evade the cops and at one point he was almost boxed in… the Cops had guns drawn and he still kept on running!!

In the end, the police were finally able to hit his car hard enough to get it disabled in someone’s driveway where is casually stepped out and started walking away. At least 20 Cops swarmed him at that point ending the adventure. Whoa!

Voyager 1 Probes ‘Final Frontier’

Whether or not it has escaped the sun’s sphere of influence — known to astronomers as the heliosphere — Voyager 1 has exceeded all expectations and on Wednesday was more than 8 billion miles from Earth, or 90 times the distance between Earth and the sun. [Wired News]