Just listening to my recommendations and came across this interesting mash-up of Dan Zanes and Natural Born Killers: In case you are curious, the audio was from the soundtrack… […]

Last night I had an interesting conversation with my wife.  She asked if I had purchased a few albums we’d previously discussed recently.  I mentioned that I had downloaded a […]

Nokia released an official Internet Radio application (today?) which I’ve been checking it out tonight and definitely like what I see and hear! I had last used streaming internet radio […]

Fred notes a problem and recommends a solution for sharing music regardless of how you choose to listen… Some people use Napster. Some use Rhapsody. Some use Yahoo Music. I […]

John Hodgman (Get a Mac, Daily Show) has released an audiobook for free on iTunes … check it out! Technorati Tags: Audiobook, John Hodgman, iTunes

BMW has launched a site promoting 4 new audiobooks, which I’ve just downloaded.  This is a joint promotion from Random House, though BMW retains the branding on things… I’ve yet […]

I’ve added a few new tools of note to my gadget bag and thought I’d share… First, Ashley was kind enough to get me a new 60GB 5G iPod and […]