Captcha Advertising?

Take one of the more hated “prove you are human” to the spam assassins and combine it in an ad to earn a consumer response??  WTF!?  What am I missing here?  This idea is horrible.

Captcha Advertising

Captcha Advertising.

What happens when your twitter account is hacked?

This morning I received an email that my dad had joined twitter. It wasn’t from him, but the usual notification and I assumed it was him based on the username. I followed back and sent a direct over as well. Then nothing … though not that unexpected given my dad was probably trying to figure out what to even do with twitter.

Ronald Greene (rondgreene) on Twitter

I checked back this evening and see that the name and handle have changed though the twitter URL is the same. I checked with my dad and he can no longer login. It appears his account has been hacked … My guess is this will eventually be a spammer account, though who knows. I’m still the only person they are following.

Aseeva Elena (joker_ru) on Twitter

I have no idea how this has happened or what can be done, but am putting it out there in case someone else has any clues.

PayPal Palm Scam

I just received this nasty scam email which makes it look like I am being billed for a new Treo 700P. If you click the link, you get sent to a “looks like” Paypal phishing scam. Be careful and lookout!

There’s no actual history of this in my Paypal purchase history which is good to see – this is a total scam.

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Viagra iPod Spam

I just caught this as I was purging some spam and have to admit it caught my attention as I am sure was the intention.  It’s a total rip on the iPod ad treatment, minus the white headphones… best spam I’ve seen in a while.  A for creativity.  F for Spam.

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