Captcha Advertising?

Take one of the more hated “prove you are human” to the spam assassins and combine it in an ad to earn a consumer response??  WTF!?  What am I missing here?  This idea is horrible.

Captcha Advertising

Captcha Advertising.

3 Replies to “Captcha Advertising?”

  1. Hey man – can't believe you posted this ad – my old boss and a few others started this company and are currently in development. He has pitched me and not sure it would work for my biz (pharma) but he talks about the upside for brand recognition and has a lots of fancy slides showing metrics.

    I am not sure this is viable model but is another opportunity for sites to sell ad space – might not be the be long lived since most people will just get annoyed.

    let me know if you want more info on this company.

  2. Small world!

    I can't see this working actually and loathe the method they are using to track response. Captcha style boxes are negative consumer experience points and not something I would want / recommend for a client's brand.

    I'm sure any pitch shows success ….

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