Microsoft Rivals Leave Minor Marks

Microsoft Rivals Leave Minor Marks Online : The latest Mozilla and Netscape Web browsers are cropping up on more computers worldwide, but they still only represent a few trees in a forest of Microsoft Internet Explorer browsers. (CNET via MyAppleMenu) [MyAppleMenu]

I think this story will be interesting one to track… The Mozilla project is spawning all kinds of fruit these days with Mozilla, Netscape 7, AOL and now Chimera and Phoenix. All come from the same roots but all are out to serve a different purpose. It’s no secret here, that my choice today is Chimera. It’s only at .5 Beta but looks to be a strong contender. The trick, I think as has been mirrored in newsgroups for the browsers as well, is tracking the variants both as separate browsers and also as a total. Right now they all seem to identitfy themselves to web servers as the same.

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