Direct Marketing and Branding …living together in harmony

Branding and Direct Marketing Lived Happily Together Ever After: “

Line56: Online Marketing and ROI

[B]rand advertising is more effective at the bottom rung of the ladder, where it is essential to build awareness and establish perceptions. Direct response tactics must then take over during the suspect and prospect phases, in which the user needs to be given incentive to take action. Direct gives way to brand again in order to transition a user from a customer to loyal brand advocacy. But in all cases, elements of both brand and direct must be used in each message.


Brand-direct marketing requires a careful collaboration between these two formerly isolated practices. No longer is it an “either/or” situation. Instead, direct marketing allows us to strengthen the brand, to go deeper into it. Direct marketing essentially puts the customer in control of the relationship, and in so doing it allows the marketer to substantiate the brand image

” Source: marketingfix

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