Tired of the Telly? Reprogram It

A Colorado startup is selling a digital entertainment center that can easily be upgraded by its owner. To some, Interact-TV’s Telly looks like the perfect marriage of living-room ease of use with PC upgradability. By Leander Kahney. [Wired News]

The Telly automatically records TV shows, and can pause and rewind live TV. Programming information is provided over the Net through a free subscription service.

The Telly also plays music and displays photos. Thanks to a built-in CD-RW/DVD drive, it can rip and burn CDs, and play DVDs. The company said DVD burning will be added in the near future. Consumers will be able to buy and install their own DVD-burning equipment, and the necessary software will automatically be pushed to the device using the Net.

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  1. my internet always opens a page called about:blank whenever i open any other page how can i never show this page again

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