iPass opens door to Wi-Fi roaming

iPass is offering a new Wi-Fi roaming service, designed for wireless carriers and service providers that want to quickly enter the hot spot market and increase the reach of their networks.

On Monday, the network software and service developer launched its Wi-Fi Roaming Service, which essentially allows business travelers to gain access to several Wi-Fi hot spots using a single account. [CNET News.com]

This is just what the doctor ordered. It is impossible to to pick a single Wifi carrier at this time due to the lack of coverage and the deals that have been cut with hotels and airports. Hopefully this will work quickly to simplify the process and enable a much greater group of people to gain access. Now if iPass would just update the OS X client to enable WiFi, I’d be all set. For some reason my version is the latest (and shows WiFi on their site) does not include WiFi as a choice yet.

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