Another SDIO Wi-Fi Card?

Seems like Sandisk will lose the race to deliver a Palm driver if these guys are for real. While they are saying that OS 4 and 5 will be supported the tested devices are unfortunately only OS 4 for now…(correction – it does say all Tungsten models below) Guess we’ll have to wait and see. I wonder if there will be a combo Wi-Fi / Bluetooth OS 6 device from Palm before any drivers become available.

The C-Guys SD-Link11b is a compact SDIO WLAN card that can be plugged into a handhelds SD expansion slot. The card enables wireless Wi-Fi connections will support 11Mbps connections, WEP and is equipped with a power saving mechanism.

The company is currently testing drivers for Palm OS 4 and 5 devices and expects the product to be available in May/Q2. It is already confirmed to work with all palmOne Tungsten models, the Zire 71 and m500 series handhelds. There is no information on pricing or a distributor of yet. []

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