overwhelmed by comment spam?

Craig over at Gearbits continues to get pummeled by comment spam… Craig have you tried MT-Blacklist? unless you upgrade to MT3 and use Typekey or just turn comments off and go with trackbacks and Technorati, this is going to continue… damn spammers!

I’ve been very successful at blocking spam comments in WordPress, btw. It’s not a problem at all there based on some settings in the prefs…There’s even a blacklist plugin, though I have not found that to be necessary just yet.

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  1. Yeah, I’m aware of MT-Blacklist, but I don’t control the server that GearBits runs on. The buddy of mine who does hasn’t had the time to do the upgrade to MT2.661 or MT-Blacklist, but he swears it’s on his To Do list. So, until then, I’ll just have to keep comments disabled. But thanks for the advice…it’s appreciated.

  2. no problem – when MT was my primary site, it was a required plugin based on the amount of stuff that (actually continues to) get posted. WordPress has been clear of any of that BS.

  3. Hi Guys since last three day I am facing a Huge Problem on my blog, The comments form is
    not working. I tried to revert all the possible changes.
    Whenever someone tries to send a comment, it takes them to a blank wp-comments-post.php
    Any help will be appreciated and rewarded through Paypal…

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