Spam filtering for Symbian OS

An interesting approach if you use the device as a main form of info gathering, but I think you’ll be better off filtering from one central location and getting the benefits on the go… I guess it all depends on much control you have over your server.

Software publisher SymbianWare has announced a new e-mail utility for Symbian OS-based smartphones. SpamKiller is the first spam-filtering program for Symbian OS. It works using a customizable blacklist and content-filters to identify likely spam messages and diverts them from the device’s main inbox. Flagged messages go into a separate log file so that the user can later review them for false positives. Filtered messages also do not trigger an incoming message alarm, so it acts silently in the background without interrupting the user. The log file is cleared after a set period of time to save space. [infoSync]

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