VeriSign service takes on spam

No pricing info yet… it will certainly be interesting to track how this works. Given the knowledge they have from behind the scenes, one would think Verisign has what it takes to identify who is and is not likely to be a spammer…

For blocking malicious mail, the service deploys three antivirus engines. For policy enforcement, customers can use domain-level filtering to scan inbound and outbound e-mail. And a disaster recovery feature allows for automatic switchover to VeriSign’s network to provide SMTP connections that queue e-mail, if a company’s e-mail server is not available.

The company has begun free trials of the service, which will be available on July 12. Pricing details were not announced.

VeriSign said it plans to add more functions, such as verification of sender identity and domain authentication. Domain names of all incoming mail will be checked against the company’s list of verified domains. This list will be made available free to antispam software and service providers. [CNET]

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