Cat Show

After a bit of debate from me, I caved and we checked out the cat show on Sunday…

cat show ticket

While there were many crazy cat ladies…older single women who have chosen cats as their companions in an obsessive way. Decked out in full cat-wear – either leopard silky draped cape-like things or cat sweaters and shirts and showing off their cats or simply gawking at the fluffiness. Don’t get me wrong we have two cats at home and like cats, but this was so over the top…

cat lady

The highlight of the day was meeting Colin Powell. Not the Secretary of State mind you, but the famous cat, born on 9/11… While Colin Powell has a pretty busy schedule and could not be disturbed to visit the cat show with his name sake he apparently made some time at the office… Colin Powell (the cat) signed the swag for us and during the brief time we spent admiring him, we learned he had beaten out 24,000 other cats to be recognized as The Cat Fanciers’ Association, Inc National Best Cat 2004.

cat lady
cat lady

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