Spaminator Strikes ’em down

I’ve received several hundred comment spam attempts here in the past 12 hours and my Spaminator plugin has smacked them all down which rocks. If you use WordPress, I can’t recommend this enough!

Actually they just keep on coming… there have been at least another hundred since I initially deleted the notes in my email. Pretty amazing… mainly Poker BS. So far none have successfully posted to my blog, which is great.

2 Replies to “Spaminator Strikes ’em down”

  1. You’re in much better shape than I am… using MT, I’m getting hit with the same flood of poker comments, at a rate of 60 or 70 a day. Even though all the URL fragments are already in my blacklist, they’re still getting through.

    I’ll be updating to the latest version of MT and MT-Blacklist this weekend, so hopefully that will stem the tide.

  2. I wish you luck… I’ve just been getting pummeled all day and from last night. The total count is many hundreds, but none so far have made it to post.

    The beauty of Spaminator is that it tracks what you reject and as things get scored negatively they can no longer make it through…

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