11th Hour MacWorld Prediction

OK – More of my dream than prediction, but certainly reasonable given existing technologies within Apple. Of course I want the video iPod and iWalk (remember that beauty?), but today will really be more about content management through the extension of Quicktime.

I believe Apple has been waiting for the right moment to unveil a competing DRM strategy to Microsoft’s Window’s Media play and has a strong chance of success based on various industries reluctance to adopt Microsoft software for fear of lock-in. Apple has a great story with iTunes and the iTunes Music Store and this experience can directly extend to the transfer of content across a variety of devices. Sure it would break the potential iPod lock that has been developed so far, but the capability to get Apple software utilized across movie, cable and satellite broadcasts is too great to ignore.

Apple’s MP4 /AAC Fairplay combo can work on computers of all types, wireless devices (we’ll clearly see at least one example today through Motorola), iPods and other players as well as media servers in the home. The sub $500 iMac is all about the delivery and management of media created or delivered within the home. While clearly an Apple product, it will work seamlessly on Windows and even Linux. Apple’s reliability and design will enable such a device to be seen more as a consumer electronics appliance rather than a PC which many people have difficulty seeing installed in their living rooms — let alone being able to afford.

That’s it. I think this type of announcement would be nothing short of revolutionary.

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