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I had caught a quick blurb on MTV’s new broadband network this am, but not until reading this piece at Lost Remote referencing the full PR did I get the magnatude of the announcement. When it launches it will unfortunately be Windows only due to DRM issues… that being that none exist for Mac based video… but apparently the service would work on Mac if this were to be resolved. Regardless it sounds like a pretty killer product and one that given the DRM nature would be the perfect “podcast” so you could load up your portable media player / psp etc. If they were to pursue this it would totally rock if they released material encoded directly for the PSP. One step at a time for now…

In reading this it’s clear MTV has given this a great deal of thought and that this is much more than simply a test.

Reading today’s press release, it’s clear MTV is serious about it’s new broadband video service called “Overdrive.” To support all the original programming produced for the “hybrid network,” MTV is building a new digital media studio in Times Square. And heavy-hitting advertisers like Microsoft, Procter & Gamble and Sony Pictures have already signed up. “Combining short-form linear viewing with an on-demand experience, Overdrive is a great example of our ability to provide viewers with personalized versions of MTV programming that is available whenever they want it,” said Van Toffler, MTV Networks Group President. More details…

PRESS RELEASE — MTV: Music Television today announced the launch of the new hybrid channel, “MTV Overdrive” to entertain viewers with both a linear viewing experience and video on demand capabilities in one web-based application. Available through, “MTV Overdrive” will officially launch on April 25, 2005.

“MTV Overdrive” delivers a sleek, new video screen to viewers at broadband speeds and features exclusive and dedicated content including: continuous MTV News updates, artist interviews, music videos, live music performances, original and newly created short-form programming, MTV and MTV2 show footage, movie trailers and much more. “MTV Overdrive” is the latest addition to MTV’s multi-platform strategy, delivering content to viewers everywhere they demand it: on-air, online, wireless, VOD and more.


MTV’s new hybrid network, “MTV Overdrive” will launch with 6 distinct channels of programming including:

* THE LINEUP: This channel automatically plays when users first engage “MTV Overdrive.” It includes the highlights of today’s programming including news, music, on TV, movies and more.

* NEWS: Exclusive updates from MTV News four times daily, with in-depth features, artist profiles and interviews, political coverage, new music stories, movie and video game news, stories on important social issues, plus much more.

* MUSIC: Music will live at the center of the new screen, with music videos, music programming blocks, new artist franchises and clips from the exclusive “ Live” performance series.

* ON TV: “MTV Overdrive” will also give fans behind the scenes access to their favorite MTV shows including original online programming such as the “Real World/ Road Rules Challenge — Aftershow,” as well as exclusive show clips from “TRL,” “Punk’d,” and more.

* MOVIES: MTV’s broadband network will showcase trailers for upcoming movies, interviews with celebrities, and more.

* Soon to be added channels include video game culture and personal style.

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